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Behind the Lens

Your Local Wedding Videographer

Based in York, I have been creating films for nearly two decades. From worldwide travel to corporate and event videography around North Yorkshire. Now specialising in discreet wedding videography, I pride myself on bringing candid stories to life and creating a cinematic experience you can relive time and time again. I like to run light and blend into the crowd, I have found this to be the best way to film those authentic moments.


Finding the small stories throughout your big day and bringing them to life, from guests interacting, to the photographer directing a shoot. The big day might go past in a flash for you, I'll make sure you don't miss those small moments that make it truly special. Whether your wedding is in York, Yorkshire or further afield I would love to discuss whether I can offer you the wedding videography you need.

My Style

Affordable wedding videographers come in all qualities, make sure you find one that is local and right for you. Ask them about their work flow and creative style, how they work with photographers and what equipment they use. 

My filming style is non intrusive, candid, and natural. I look for the small moments and bring them to life, I don't like to direct or force anything, just shoot what I see. I'm a wedding videographer who loves to work alongside photographers and let them lead, giving them room to do what they do best. I make sure I spend time filming family and guests, interacting and having a good time. You might not have time to see everyone on the big day so I've got you covered!

I like to edit cinematic films starting from those anxious and exciting getting ready moments, all the way through to friends and family joining you after the first dance. So much happens on a wedding day and I'll be behind the camera the whole time ready to capture all those special moments. 

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